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Length Calibration


Tools:Tape MeasureSteel Ruler

Safety Equipment:Standard Personal Protective Equipment

CAUTIONWhen using the manual mode, make sure that everything and everyone is clear of moving parts to prevent damage or injuries.

  1. Rehome the saw.
  2. Log in as an engineer or supervisor in Simple.
  3. Using the Manual Mode window, feed a straight 6‑m-long timber into the saw so that the trailing end of the board is in the middle of the AIT conveyor.
  4. Run a tape measure under the follower carriage and next to the follower belt along the follower rail. Hook the zero end of the tape measure onto the rail end closest to the saw chamber and make sure there is no slack.

  5. Click in the Manual Mode window to open the Length Calibration window and click to position the follower against the board.

    CAUTIONThis will engage the follower at full speed with no audible warning. Make sure that everything and everyone is clear of the follower.

  6. Set the feeder speed to 50% in the Manual Mode window.
  7. In the Length Calibration window, do the following:

    1. Uncheck Uni-directional Entries.
    2. Check Auto Update Start Field.
    3. In the Direction to Test box, check Auto Toggle Direction and Right.
    4. In the Feeders to test box, check Both Feeders.

  8. With a steel ruler pushed firmly against the follower paddle, take the first measurement on the tape measure.

    Note: this should be as accurate as possible, down to fractions of a millimetre.

  9. Enter this value (in mm) in the Length Measured Start field, then subtract 500 mm off, round to the nearest 10 mm and enter the result in the Length to Test field.


    If the measured length is 3752.5 mm, the length to test will be 3250 mm.

  10. Click then if prompted to enter a number. The timber should move the amount of length to test towards the outfeed and stop.
  11. Take a measurement and enter the value (in mm) in the Length Measured End field.
  12. Click to populate the first row of the table.
  13. Click to move the timber back towards the infeed.
  14. Take a measurement and enter the value (in mm) in the Length Measured End field.
  15. Click to populate the next row of the table.
  16. Repeat steps 10 to 15 until six rows are populated.
  17. Replace all the values in the Scale Right and Scale Left columns with "1".
  18. Click .
  19. Click .
  20. Repeat steps 10 to 15.
  21. Make sure the Meas Length value is within 0.5 mm of the Right Enc and Left Enc values in both table rows.

    Note: if the measured length is still incorrect, restart the procedure from step 16.

  22. Click .
  23. Click .