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Clean the fan filters and electrical cabinets


Tools:Large Flat Head ScrewdriverAir Gun

Safety Equipment:Standard Personal Protective Equipment

Other Equipment:Electrical cabinet door key

  1. Isolate the saw and the dust extractor electrically.
  2. Blow air towards the ground for several seconds to make sure there is no moisture left in the air gun.
  3. Using a flat head screwdriver, remove the front covers off all fan vents to access the fan vent filters.
  4. Blow all dust out of the filters and vents.
  5. Refit all vent covers.

    Note: make sure the filter is flat in the vent covers.

  6. Open each electrical cabinet and inspect for any build-up of dust.
  7. If there is excessive dust, gently blow dry air in and around the cabinet from top to bottom.

    CAUTIONDo not blow air directly onto exposed electrical components.

  8. Gently blow the dust off the electrical fans.
  9. Once all dust has been removed, close and lock each electrical cabinet.