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Safe Work Procedure

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DO NOT use this machine unless you have been trained in its safe use and operation.

Razer Saw Operation
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required

Eye Protection

Appropriate Footwear

Hearing Protection

Potential Hazards
  • Crush Hazard: clamp rollers inside feeders, kickoff arm, P3 printer, AIT conveyor
  • Dust Hazard: during operation, cleaning machine
  • Striking Hazard: follower fast moving automatic object, ejected material
  • Entanglement Hazard: conveyor rollers, AIT side transfer chain drive shaft
  • Noise Hazard: warning siren, general noise
  • Electrical Hazard: inside control box
  • High Energy Sources: laser sensors
  • Trip Hazard: timber on the ground around waste conveyor
Safe Work Procedure Checklist
  1. PRE-Operation
    • Make sure the saw has been cleaned properly the day before.
    • Check the blade and trenching tool for damage or wear.
    • Make sure all guards are in place and intact.
    • Make sure the saw chamber and feeders are clear before homing.
    • Make sure the blade has been run at 50% speed for at least 5 min. prior to starting a job to warm the hydraulic oil (if the temperature is lower than 10°C).
  2. Operation
    • Make sure dust extraction is on during operation.
    • Keep hands clear of accessible moving parts (e.g. follower, inside feeders, kickoff arm, under the printer).
    • Wear appropriate PPE at all times.
    • Report any damages or incidents.
    • Keep area clear from timber build-up at the front of the waste conveyor.
    • Swap dust extraction bags and waste bin when necessary.
  3. POST-Operation
    • Clean down the saw with dust extraction running.
    • Clear all timber on ground from work area.
    • Power down machine and isolate electrical supply.