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Error 62: Following Error Right Feeder

Variable M788

The right feeder servo motor was not able to move freely to the required position.

What to do now

Rehome the saw.

What to do next

  1. Press the E‑stop button and look for any obvious reason why the motor would not be able to move freely. A common cause is small pieces of wood being wedged between the drive roller and the feeder frame. With the control off, try to manually move the drive rollers by hand in both directions.
  2. Timber related issues may cause this issue, so please check the piece of timber that was being fed through the saw at the time of this error. Things like a large knot on the side of the timber may cause this error if the side clamp rollers "fall" into the knot.
  3. Dirty sensors can also cause this issue by confusing the control of the clamping cylinders - either the top or the side clamp rollers may come in at the wrong time and cause the member being cut to get jammed. Try blowing out the sensors and make sure each laser beam is strong and the sensor faces are clean of dust and ink overspray.
  4. It is possible that a jam on the left feeder may have caused this error. Check for the above possible causes on the left feeder also.