About Our Company

Vekta Automation is a family owned business located in Perth, Western Australia. In short, we are a young, vibrant company that manufactures and supplies the Prefabricated Truss and Frame industry with automated equipment. Our equipment is aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of truss plants in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada and our primary product line is the Razer linear saw.

Prior to the establishment of Vekta Automation in 2009, the Razer saw was manufactured by PFP Technologies. PFP built computerised industrial equipment for a variety of industries and the Razer was one such product. The Razer had limited success under PFP control and when the GFC took hold, PFP decided to discontinue this product. Ed Serrano, now a director of Vekta Automation, was employed by PFP Technologies in late 2003 as a Robotical Engineer (Mechatronics Engineer). Ed worked extensively with the Razer Saws and realised that the saw had not reached its full potential under PFP. Consequently in 2009, Ed approached PFP Technologies with an offer to purchase the rights to the saw as well as any work in progress. Not long after, Vekta Automation was born and a new breed of products and services soon followed!

Almost from day dot, Vekta has endeavoured to design and manufacture as many new products as possible while also greatly enhancing the performance and flexibility of the Razer saw. Vekta also took immediate steps aimed at improving the level of support customers could expect. Vekta believes that the day you stop improving yourself is the day you fall behind. And the strategy has worked! Today, Vekta manufactures a range of products that are well ahead of anything else in the market and our support is second to none. This has resulted in great customer feedback and word-of-mouth promotion which has seen a substantial growth in the company despite the poor economic times. What is more, in 2013 Vekta Automation opened a USA manufacturing facility in Minneapolis purely for the purpose of supplying and servicing the North American market. A vibrant company indeed!

Vekta Automation Pty Ltd

32 Millrose Drive

Malaga WA 6090

Phone: +61 8 6117 0660