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General inspection


Standard Personal Protective Equipment

  • Inspect the saw chamber:

    • Look for loose or damaged sensors or cables.
    • Look for hydraulic oil around the B-axis, which may indicate a leak.
  • Inspect both feeders:

    • Look for loose, misaligned or damaged photoelectric sensors.
    • Look for damage on the drive or nylon rollers.
  • Inspect the Automatic Infeed Table (AIT):

    • Look for damage to the re-ref sensors.
    • Make sure the table sits above the side transfer chains (when in the up position).
  • Inspect the follower:

    • Look for damage along the edge of the timing belt.
    • Look for damage to the sensor array.
  • Inspect the side transfer chains:

    • Look for damaged or misaligned chains.
    • Inspect the two gap detection sensors for damage.
    • Make sure the shaft is not damaged.
  • Inspect the printer:

    • Lift the printer cover and look for loose ribbon cables on the top and side print heads.
    • Make sure the printer encoder is secure and not damaged.
  • Inspect the Outfeed Kickoff Table (OFK).