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Error 4: B‑axis Over Torque

Variable M478

The B‑axis (Bevel) has experienced an unusually high load for a period of time. To help prevent damage to the system, the motor has been disabled and the system will require a rehome.

What to do now

Clear any timber from the saw chamber, press START to rehome.

What to do next

  1. Open the saw chamber door and blow out the saw, specifically around the saw blade area.
  2. Look for pieces of wood which may be interfering with the motion of the saw head.
  3. Check the condition of the saw blade and change it if the teeth are chipped or dull.
  4. Move the B‑axis (Bevel) around by hand and ensure it moves freely.
  5. If problems persist, try reducing the Moving speed of the saw by 20%.