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Error 65: Following Error Z‑axis

Variable M875

The Z‑axis servo motor was not able to move freely to the required position.

What to do now

Rehome the saw.

What to do next

  1. Press the E‑stop button and look for any obvious reason why the motor would not be able to move freely. A common cause is a build-up of saw dust in the Z‑axis assembly or small pieces of wood getting stuck somewhere. With the control off, try to manually move the Z‑axis by hand in both directions - lift the dome up to gain access to the timing belt at the very top of the saw.
  2. Ensure that the Z‑axis ball screw nut and linear bearings have been getting greased appropriately as per the routine maintenance requirements.
  3. Ensure the correct lithium-based grease is being used when greasing the Z‑axis (Castrol Spheerol EPL 2 recommended).
  4. Check the condition of the ball screw, ball screw nut, and linear bearings by moving the unit manually and in Manual Mode. Visually inspect these components.