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Error 86: Feeder Slippage Error After Park Move

Variable M111

The saw has just finished a park move and an excessive amount of slippage was detected. The infeed slippage (stored in variable P282) combined with the outfeed slippage (stored in variable P268) caused the total detected slippage (stored in variable P838) since the last cut was made to exceed the maximum allowed slippage (set in variable Q551).

What to do now

Press START to override and measure the member after cutting, or stop the saw by holding down the STOP button.

What to do next

  1. Try recutting using a different piece of timber.
  2. Check if the feeder drive rollers require cleaning.
  3. Check that all of the side and top nylon clamp rollers can spin freely - the bearings have not seized.
  4. Check that the follower paddle remains up against the back of the timber as the saw is moving the timber through.
  5. If problems persist, try reducing the Moving speed of the saw by 20%.